Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems provide the means to manage all of your organisation's relationships and interactions with customers, prospects, suppliers and other stakeholders. We believe that CRM systems also need to support your organisation's internal processes and workflow to help you work better, inside and out. We provide a broader definition to CRM that you won't find in other off the shelf CRM solutions… and deliver it with our OneDegree platform.

The OneDegree platform provides a standard set of modules which can be combined to provide your organisation with the tools it needs to unify its data, team, processes, workflow and reporting. Some people liken OneDegree to a CRM system, others to an intranet. Whatever you call it (one of our clients embarrasingly calls theirs 'Dave') OneDegree offers the following standard modules, which can be integrated with any custom modules you might need.


Create and share calendars and events with your team


Keep track of your clients, contacts and any assets you manage on their behalf

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Keep track of your prospects, strategic alliances and suppliers


Raise and track invoices/payments, expenses and purchase orders

Human Resources

Publicise job vacancies and track applications


Record pitches and jobs from first contact to invoicing


Send and track targeted email campaigns to your clients or prospects


Encourage social engagement with team chatter and staff polls


Create staff/client surveys and view their outcomes


Create and track tasks for your team


Keep track of holidays, overtime, absences, training, policy documents and knowledgebase articles


Allow your team to record the time spent on client and internal work


If you integrate OneDegree into your website, view your registered users and keep track of contact form submissions. Update your website easily with case studies, content, FAQs, news and landing pages

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Unify your data, team, processes, workflow and reporting