There's nothing we like more than a custom web development project that calls for way more than an off-the-shelf content management system can, erm, manage. We're really excited at the moment because we're working on a marketplace-type website for a client which combines a great business model with some really nice design work and some nifty integration with PayPal Adaptive Payments too.

We've been beavering away for the past few months on the project which has been brought alive by the power of the Symfony web development framework (kudos to Symfony - it's doing a great job of handling the complexity). What we're loving about Symfony this month is that the structure gets better and better as it gets more and more complex. While other web development frameworks start crumbling under increasing complexity (46 business classes and counting, on a daily basis), Symfony seems to be making the development easier as it becomes more complex. Yeah, I know, it sounds plain wrong doesn't it?

Not that we should be surprised about the power of Symfony. While working on this new website we're also constantly developing the Lighthouse intranet and website that we built in 2011 for TLG The Education Charity. That's running at 198 business classes - we're thinking of having a street party when we hit the 200 mark. Or we might just go to the pub...

If you have a custom web development project, a Symfony web development project or any other web development project in Leeds or further afield please get in touch and we'd love to speak with you.