We're really proud to announce the launch of a new website and CRM system for a market-leading property business in Leeds. Although we're bound by a non-disclosure agreement, we're very proud to have become part of our client's team and delivering this project on time and on budget. It's the sort of project we love at Thirdrock - a cloud business system which automates many parts of our client's growing business and delivers both the back-end CRM system to our client's team and the front-end website to their end users. The result is a complex business system and website which embeds property data, business rules and a heap of other features that will help the company grow.

We were approached in early 2014 to replace an existing off-the-shelf product which was in daily use but wasn't delivering the information or process flow that our client (let's call them NewCom) needed. NewCom has ambitious plans for growth, but they found themselves tied to the current off-the-shelf platform, having to wait months for features to be added that they needed right now. Thirdrock proposed a custom web development which would incorporate their back-end systems (some people call them CRMs, some people call them intranets, we call them business systems) with their website to provide public access to their portfolio and allow users to request more information and viewings.

We worked very closely with the NewCom team to work out the key data they needed to track for internal and external use - property details, potential sellers, potential buyers, property matching, requests for information, appointments, viewings and offers. But then we went further - and this is the bit we love - and looked at the process flows within the company to make sure the right people had the right information at the right time.

Since the launch we have continued to develop NewCom's business system and website as the company has grown (15 team members in 2014 has grown to 40 by the end of 2015) and it's in regular use (every hour of every working day). We've integrated with third party systems and external websites, and we've even created an extensive mobile app (more about that in another blog post).

We asked NewCom's Managing Director for a few words and he offered these:

"I have worked with Dave and his team at Thirdrock on a number of bespoke web developments and applications over the past 3 years. Dave is not only an incredible web developer but he is an excellent communicator and his clear understanding of our objectives ensure a maximum return on investment. As a growing company with 50+ staff we have used Thirdrock to transform our company's processes, both client facing and internally. We continue to work with Dave and his team to bring ideas to life which enhance our offering as a market leader. I would without question recommend Thirdrock to any business looking to grow."

We realise that your time is precious so we won't prattle on, but if your company is growing and you recognise the need to build your business systems and online presence, please get in touch for a chat... we would love to help you realise your dreams.