We sometimes forget that the web development industry is one of the fastest moving and exciting of all business sectors in the world. Where once a basic understanding of HTML entitled anyone to call themselves a webmaster, today a successful web development agency needs to master a wide range of technologies, understand how websites can change the business they serve and manage end-users' ever-evolving requirements and expectations. It's clear that no individual can any longer offer the range of competence that's required to create and support modern business websites.

Thirdrock has the breadth and depth of competence and experience to help your company's new or existing website succeed.

Proper web development starts with correctly identifying the problem, from which a solution follows. Some of our clients know exactly what they need; others are certain of the problem but work with us to properly identify a solution. Our business development team and account managers can help you identify, specify and verify your all-important requirements.

Once your requirements have been identified and agreed, our interface design team will create a set of functional wireframe designs which visually describe the end-user's interaction with the website. These designs focus on making the most commonly-used functionality most accessible while still providing a clear mechanism to access lesser-used functions. Our designs combine effective application flow with your brand guidelines and modern user interface techniques.

Our programming team is responsible for identifying the underlying business objects which the website will model. Their focus is on correctly designing the underlying business model, creating a database schema to under-pin that model and implementing the server-side functionality to support the user interface. Of primary concern is website security, scalability and integration with any external third-party, finance or legacy business systems.

The web development process is thankfully not carried out in a vacuum: the account management team provides continual project management and tracking, helps to refine and correct any requirements or design issues and focuses on the quality of the final delivered website. And when your website goes live, it will be monitored and fine-tuned by our technical team – whatever the angle, we've got it covered...