Thirdrock is delighted to announce the launch of two new websites which we've been beavering away on over the past few months. Due to a non-disclosure agreement we're not able to say too much, but that doesn't make us any less proud to be part of this project.

Working with Monsters Edge (one of our partner design agencies) we've created a number of websites which use the same underlying platform and deliver their content with age-appropriate looks-and-feels. The project is a bespoke web development using the Symfony web development framework and is running across a number of load-balanced web servers and database servers ready for thousands, nay tens of thousands of users.

We really enjoy the chance to work on custom web developments which can't be cobbled together from off-the-shelf free stuff, and we're really excited to have created a unique website which we hope will go from strength to strength. If you find yourself playing a sports gaming website (not a gambling site, we hasten to add), it may well be one of ours.

If you believe that you have a unique idea which deserves a custom web development with quality, scalability and maintainability built-in from the start, we'd love to hear from you.