A while ago we were approached by Hayley Erner at High Flyers Business Coaching and asked to help her better manage the information, contacts and processes in her successful business coaching company. We started small by adding a free online test to her existing website which offered potential clients a free instant business assessment report. We worked alongside her existing web design agency to add this tool, which generates a custom PDF report for its users... but that was just the start.

High Flyers recognised the need to manage incoming prospects from this online test and also wanted to better manage existing prospects, clients, strategic partnerships and suppliers. Thirdrock worked with High Flyers to find out what information is important to them and delivered this via an intranet (or cloud business system, as we call it). Being a business coach, the kind of information High Flyers holds for her partners differs from that which an accountancy firm or property agency may hold for their partners - and that's a key benefit of custom development.

Once we had the key information modelled and managed by the High Flyers intranet, we further developed the system to incorporate task lists, email marketing and other team tools. But there's more... we're sounding a bit infomercial here now, aren't we?.

A key service that High Flyers offers is its high-quality training events, and these have also been integrated into the High Flyers website, allowing both online booking via the website and ongoing event management via the cloud business system - email notifications, delegate lists and even name card generation for use at the events themselves. We think this is a great example of how a business system can streamline processes, with all data held once but used for many purposes.

We're still working with High Flyers on further developing their system, but Hayley was kind enough to offer these words about what we've done to-date:

"As a Business owner and Coach to many high growth businesses, leveraging through technology is key to maximise efficiencies. Whilst initially it was a big investment in the system that Thirdrock have built for me, it has probably now saved me £10,000 a year in labour costs, has given full control and visibility, has allowed remote team members to work in the business without being onsite and have speeded up the processes through integration and automation. The work that Thirdrock have done for us has been truly life changing and Dave has been amazing to work with!"

If you feel that your business is being held back by manual processes and spreadsheets, please feel free to get in touch to talk about our business systems and expertise in helping companies manage their information and grow.