We have no excuses, and it's a fair cop - we've not updated our website for over a year. Where have we been? What have we been up to? We're glad you asked.

Over the past 12 months we've been developing web-enabled business systems for two great companies and we're delighted with the return that they're giving to our beloved clients.

Thirdrock has been working with Russell Smith Chartered Accountants to create a fully web-enabled business system that has helped transform the company and support its continued growth.The new system supports both operational and strategic business goals, giving access to key information, supporting key business processes and providing a range of management reports to help direct the company's success. On the resulting Russell Smith writes "Through the work I have done with Thirdrock in developing our software, we have increased profits, decreased wasted time and made our business run much much smoother.  I cannot recommend Thirdrock highly enough."

In an altogether different business sector, we have also been working with High Flyers Business Coaching to develop a system which supports both its website and its day-to-day operation. Focussing on event booking and management, prospect management and internal processes and tasks, the system has become a core part of the company's operation.

Hayley Erner, founder of High Flyers Business Coaching Ltd writes: "As a Business owner and Coach to many high growth businesses, leveraging through technology is key to maximise efficiencies.  Whilst initially it was a big investment in the system that Thirdrock have built for me, it has probably now saved me £10,000 a year in labour costs, has given full control and visibility, has allowed remote team members to work in the business without being onsite and have speeded up the processes through integration and automation. Having "Dave" (as our system is fondly named after its developer) has been truly life changing and the real Dave has been amazing to work with too!"

So two happy clients (which in turn makes us happy too) and two serious systems for two growing businesses. If your business is growing and you think you might benefit from a modern business system, please feel free to get in touch.