We've been working on web application development since the mid 1990s when the web was a fairly flat read-only medium. As websites have become more complex, businesses have started to realise that they have an opportunity to expose increasing amounts of information about their products and services to their end users. Although originally a mechanism for delivering documents, it has became clear that the same request/response mechanism can be used to start far more substantial web application development. A distinction quickly became clear between information websites and rich web applications which deliver business functionality to the outside world.

Web application development focuses on the design and implementation of rich web-enabled business systems. Our web application development processes is continually developing, to the point that all of our websites are now web application developments. The term 'application' emphasises a much richer flow through increasingly complex business models – ecommerce sites, intranets, extranets and other bespoke products and services such as insurance, secure online voting, holiday booking and accommodation websites. Web application development is allowing companies to shift the cost of locating and purchasing core products and services from the company to the customer, while giving the customer far more control and flexibility.

Web application development not only allows your customers to browse and search your products and services, but also allows your call centres to view your customers' bookings in real time. When done properly, web application development can also expose your core business to increasingly wider delivery channels. We have successfully extended a number of our web application developments to SMS, voice and mobile channels for little additional outlay – giving your company the widest possible audience. Thirdrock has the web application development capabilities that will expand and change the way you deliver your business to your customers, wherever they are.