The term web development is very broad, covering a great deal of ground from simple websites to complex ecommerce sites to the development of a web based intranet for internal use. Some companies have large teams of web developers who spend their days writing lines and lines of code for just one single application. Other companies have a single dedicated resource for web development that may look after everything from security to the online website to fixing a printer.

Clever companies however will simply outsource their web development to an agency which specialises in the area of development that’s required. These days that could range from creating a new web design and brand, intranet, extranet, online software development or extending a core business offering onto a mobile platform.

A good agency will have a proven track record in the chosen area of web development and will have a good structured robust process in place to ensure that your web development project goes to plan and is completed within budget. An extra resource or resources should be applied, depending on complexity of the web development – these could be a dedicated account manager (which alone is worth its weight in gold), a project manager to ensure the smooth running of the project across all departments, a designer or creative lead and the actualy website developer or development team.