Thirdrock has been laying low over the summer getting up-to-speed with the latest and greatest technologies in the web development world. We remain committed to bespoke web development and have taken a few weeks out to learn the Symfony2 web development framework, which we now feel is stable enough for the production environment.

We're excited about the changes that the Symfony guys have made since version 1.4 with better performance, a clearer abstraction model and more building blocks to get the job done quickly and securely. We could wax lyrical about the things we've learned, but we're busy building a number of different sites using this new version of the Symfony web development framework and it must be a bit boring for you non-geeks out there. Suffice to say that Symfony2 allows bespoke web development more rapidly and reliably than ever before.

If you're looking for a Symfony web development, please get in touch with no obligation and we'll tell you more about what the Symfony web development platform may be able to offer you.